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Bharat Cricket Community(BCC) CIO is a charity registered in England & Wales. Charity(#1195534).
– We are a friendly, vibrant and progressive community cricket club that was established in 2017.
– Bharat Cricket Community is a thriving enterprise with approximately 700+ members in total covering Barking, Sutton, Kent and South-end communities.
– We have approximately 100 students under the age of 26, and over 600 members aged between 26 and 50 years old.
– We are an inclusive and nurturing club where new players and supporters are always warmly welcomed.
– While we do strive for excellence on the field of play, the social side of the club game is also hugely important to us.
– We have a very busy cricket programme in which we field both Saturday and Sunday.
– We play cricket with a hard tennis ball, a White/Red Cricket ball and a tape ball.
– Associate Cricket Clubs: Riverside Cricket Club, Kenley Cricket Club

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