BCC- Code of Conduct(CoC)

Prashant Elavarthi

RHB/Medium Fast Bowler

Prasanth is the key member and one of the founding member of BCC. He is actively playing in the group from 2017. He played under-19 district level and professionally represented in various leagues at school, and university level. His favourite cricketers are Sachin, Dhoni, Kapil Dev and Mathew Hayden.

Vijay Singh Chauhan

RHB/Medium Fast Bowler

Vijay is Active member of Barking Cricket Community since 2017. he is RHB and Medium Fast bowler.

Kiran Edem

RHB/Medium Pace Bowler

Kiran is a right handed batsman and medium pace bowler and has been playing for BCC since 2018.

Sandeep Khairnar

RHB/Medium Pace Bowler

Sandeep Khairnar is good at batting and bowling.

Vishnu Unnikrishnan

RHB/Medium Fast Bowler

Vishnu Unnikrishnan is Right handed batsman/Right arm bowler. He is Top performer in entire BCC group across all sessions.

Akhil Kattela


Akhil Kattela is 33 year old aspiring cricketer who has professionally represented in various leagues at school, university and company levels. I am right handed opening batsman and a wicket-keeper. My favorite cricketer is Adam Gilchrist.

Tinku Kumar


Tinku Kumar is good pace bowler

Karthikeyan Mohanbabu

All Rounder

Karthikeyan Mohanbabu good at bowling, batting and field.

Srikanth Sharma Kompella

All Rounder/WC

Srikanth Sharma Kompella is good at bowl, keep and bat..

Bharath Kustagi

All Rounder/WC

Bharath Kustagi is good at bowling and batting..

Satya Mangaraj


Satya Mangaraj is good at bowling. He is Right Arm Medium Fast bowler.

Mahesh Kumar Periye


Mahesh Kumar Periye is good at bowling. He is Right Arm Fast bowler.

Girinath Rajavel

All Rounder

Girinath Rajavel is good All rounder in Cricket.

Uttam Lavhate

All Rounder

Uttam Lavhate is good All rounder in Cricket.

Arjun Gali

Left Hand Batsman/ Right Arm Medium Fast Bowler

Arjun Gali is unique All rounder in Cricket. He is Left Hand Opening Batsman and Right Arm Medium Fast Bowler.

Gangadhar D

Right Hand Batsman/ Right Arm Medium Fast Bowler

Gangadhar D is good All rounder. He is Right Hand Batsman and Right Arm Medium Fast Bowler.

Venkata Kompella

Right Hand Batsman/ Right Arm Medium Fast Bowler

Venkata Kompella is good All rounder. He is Right Hand Batsman and Right Arm Spin Bowler.

Anwar Khan

Right Hand Batsman/ Wicket Keeper

From Hyderabad lives in London “A bad day while playing Cricket is still better than a good day doing something else”

Basavaraj S

Right Hand Batsman/ Wicket Keeper

By profession I’m a Network Engineer, Cricket is my passion, love to play and watch cricket, big fan of cricket god Sachin, Mr Sixer YV, coolest Captain Dhoni , Dada, and Zaheer. Myself I called as a all-rounder cricketer, played at University level, was a captain for 7 consultative years for my colony. Can Bat well at middle border, medium fast bowling and a good good fielder and wicketkeeper.

Sunil Chittoori

Right Hand Batsman/ Wicket Keeper

Sunil Chittoori is good All rounder. He is Right Hand Batsman and Right Arm Spin Bowler. he is one of the best boundary fielder.

Charan Raj

Right Hand Batsman/ Bowler

Software engineer by profession but cricket has always been his passion. An ultimate all rounder who believes playing in BCC a second innings with cricket as he is reliving his college days on the ground now!

Vinit kumar

Right Hand Batsman/ Bowler

Enjoy playing cricket and try to give 100% commitment towards the game.

Vinay Prem

Right Hand Batsman

Vinay Prem is Right Handed Batsman.

Sharath Saluvaji

Right Hand Batsman/WC

Sharath Saluvaji is good at batting and keeping. I have experience playing corporate leagues with leather ball/ tennis ball cricket.

Bhanu Dyaga

Right Hand Batsman/WC

Bhanu Dyaga is Right hand batsman and Medium fast bowler.

Rajesh Koundinya

Right Hand Batsman/Bowler

I love playing cricket because it is a great way to meet new people and friends. I am an all-round and from childhood cricket is my best engagement next to studies. My teacher saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” always impressed me. So from childhood I spend leisure time playing different sports and games like volleyball, badminton and Billiards apart from cricket.

Anil Yannam

Right Hand Batsman/Bowler

Right hand batsman and right hand medium fast



Right Hand Batsman/Bowler

Very much happy play with this club and good experience encouragement to each player Happy to be part of this club

Johnson Reddy


I am a medium pace bowler


ALL Rounder

I am Right Hand top Order Batsman, Good Strike Rotator and right arm slow bowler.

Prasanna Kumar Reddy Esanaka


A proud BCC cricketer, right-handed batsman, decent wicket-keeper, regarded as one of the explosive batsmen in the Barking Cricket Community

Pradeep Karande

Batsman/ Bowler

A proud BCC cricketer, right-handed batsman, decent wicket-keeper, regarded as one of the explosive batsmen in the Barking Cricket Community


Batsman/ WC

Left Handed Wicketkeeper Batsman.

Aditya Kumar


Right Arm medium bowler

Rajesh Reddy Chada


Right hand medium bowler and right handed batsman.

Naga Srikanth Garapati


I live in Lemonade building barking and like batting and wicket keeping

Aravind sai Kuchibhatla

All Rounder

A dependable right handed opening and middle order batsman who always focus on ticking scoreboard. I can also bowl right arm medium fast bowling.

Arjun T

All Rounder

Arjun T is a good all rounder to rely on

Vyankatesh Kulkarni

All Rounder

Cricket fan, player from childhood… Enjoying tennis ball cricket in BCC

BCC Players Code of Conduct(CoC):

1. Will conduct themselves fairly and properly on and off the field of play.
2. Will NOT engage in verbal or physical abuse or hostility to other players or members of the
3. Will NOT dispute decisions nor react provocatively towards Umpires at any time. Players
must at all times accept the Umpire’s decision
4. Will NOT engage in crude, abusive and personal ‘sledging’ of other players or officials both
verbally or using abusive hand signals.
5. Will NOT engage in excessive and/or intimidatory appealing.
6. Will respect and welcome all players.
7. The Captains are responsible at all times for ensuring that play is conducted within the Spirit
of the Game as well as within the Laws. In an event that any Player failing to comply with the
instructions of the Umpire, criticizing his decision by word or action, or showing dissent, or
generally behaving in a manner which might bring the game into disrepute, the Umpire
concerned shall in the first place report the matter to the captains and Organizing
committee. If the behavior of the member is against the spirit of the game and code of
conduct, the player will be asked to leave the ground.

Active Players – season 2021

S No  Players
1 Vishnu
2 Prasanth
3 Bhaskar
4 Arjun Gali
5 Prassana
6 Pradeep
7 Bharat Kustagi
8 Pranav
9 Arjun T
10 Mahesh
11 Vinit Kumar
12 Aravind Sai
13 Rishab
14 Charan
15 Vijay Chauhan
16 Gangadhara J
17 Linga
18 Sagar
19 Uttam
20 Prabhu Mg
21 Bipin
22 Rajesh K
23 Praveen Mallik
24 Johnson Reddy
25 Vyankatesh
26 Satya 
27 Sunil
28 Venkat Kompella
29 Bhanu
30 Sandeep K
31 Shankar
32 Sridhar Konda
33 Kailash
34 Srikanth Sharma
35 Karthik
36 Fahad
37 Rahul
38 Basavaraj
39 Kiran Edem
40 Anand
41 Akhil
42 Sharat Saluja
43 Balamurugan
44 Anwar
45 Raghu
46 Nagaraj
47 Shiva
48 Venatesh Ramanathan
49 Mohanraj
50 Bharat Reddy
51 Vinay Prem
52 Raghavan
53 Jegath
54 Sheway
55 Rohan
56 Rajesh Reddy
57 Arun
58 Prabhakar
59 Gopi
60 Mohan
61 Anil yanam
62 Sandeep M
63 Sunny
64 Tulasi
65 Ganapathi
66 Waseem Syed
67 Sriram
68 Madhu
69 Naga Babu
70 Madhusudhan Reddy
71 Kumar
72 Anshul
73 Ram Sagar
74 Krishna
75 Atul Prakash
76 Tinku