BCC Board Members

BCC Trustees - Prashant Elavarthi

For me, cricket is more than just a sport; it’s a binding force that bridges diverse perspectives and beliefs through a shared love for the game. From my earliest memories, cricket has held a profound significance in my life, a legacy passed down by my father. Together, we explored its nuances, dissecting every play with fascination. Like many, I aspired to carve my name in cricket’s history, tirelessly honing my skills with dreams of gracing the grand stadiums amidst roaring crowds. Yet, fate had a different course in mind, leading me to establish the Bharat Cricket Community—a journey that deepened my connection to the essence of the game and its ability to unite communities.

BCC Trustees - Himanshu Jain

As the Managing Trustee of Bharat Cricket Community (BCC), I am deeply passionate about leveraging cricket to promote healthy living among South Asian communities across the country. My love for cricket isn’t just about the sport; it’s a connection to my roots and a cherished part of my childhood. Growing up, cricket was more than a game; it was a way of life, bringing people together and learning valuable life lessons beyond the field.
This deep-seated connection has inspired me to help establish BCC, aiming to harness the universal appeal of cricket to foster a sense of community, encourage physical activity, and support mental well-being. BCC is more than just a charity to me; it’s a family united by our shared love for cricket and our commitment to promoting healthier, more active lifestyles. Through BCC, I am committed to creating opportunities for engagement, participation, and excellence in cricket, believing in the sport’s power to make a significant positive impact on individual lives and the broader community.

Co-Founder - Vijay Singh Chauhan

Being a passionate cricketer since childhood Cricket is not merely a sport but a way of life, a bond that unites people, friends and cultures. It is a game that ignites fervor in the hearts of millions, stirring emotions that run deep within our souls.

In cricket, we find moments of sheer brilliance and unyielding determination, where heroes rise from the ashes of adversity to etch their names in the annals of history. We witness the power of teamwork, where eleven individuals come together as one, driven by a common purpose, to achieve greatness on the field.

for me cricket is not just a contest of skill and athleticism; it is a reflection of life itself. It teaches us resilience in the face of challenges, humility in victory, and grace in defeat. It instills values of integrity, discipline, and sportsmanship.

Core Management Committee Member- Prabhu MG

I am Cricket lover, who not only play cricket but runs all background operation to Keep BCC operations smooth.

For charity I am always available On/Off fields for any work and do it best selflessly.

Happy contributing for BCC Charity and taking it to new heights.